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Regional Black Belt Test Saturday April 20th 8:30 am

This will be held at the Provo Bobby Lawrence Karate School. 3224 N University Ave Provo.


Any student testing for any level of black belt will pay and register for the black belt test after passing the regional test at blkdojos.com. If you are testing for Black Belt you must first go to and pass the normal Ban Bu/Black Belt test here at the Spanish Fork School on Mar. 27th. Then if you pass that test you must also attend and pass the regional test on April 20th. Then finally, after passing those 2 tests you will be invited to attend the final Black Belt Graduation where you will receive your belt at the tournament May 11th.  You must pass each of these different qualifying tests as well as compete and help assist in the tournament the day of the final black belt test in order to qualify for any degree of black belt.  The testing fee for each degree of black belt is $200 + $100 per degree above 1st degree black belt which covers those three qualifying tests and your tournament entry fee.

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Bobby Lawrence Karate Interschool Tournament Sat. May 11th

Our Spring Bobby Lawrence Karate Interschool Tournament will be May 11th. Go to www.blkdojos.com to register and find out more. Hurry fast, the discounted early bird registration ends April. 14thIf we can get at least 50 students registered for the tournament, we will have a free pizza party for those who go and compete. 

In addition, anyone who signs up for the tournament, can get half price private lessons to help prepare your student for the tournament (only $10 per private lesson). 

Our tournaments are one of the best tools we have to help your student to develop confidence and have a lot fun. Competition breeds excellence. When you go to the tournament you will have a chance to compete with competitors from other schools which allows you to see ways you can improve your own skills. Competition will fill you with motivation to improve and work harder in class. But more than anything you will at least walk away from the tournament having had a lot of fun and improved your confidence as you practice getting up and presenting yourself to judges and performing under pressure.

Let us know if you have any other questions.

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